I specialize in using the Adobe Creative Suite to design logos and branding, page layouts, flyers, infographics, invitations, board games, menus, books, and so much more. I also utilize the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (Adobe Sketch, Draw, Capture, and Procreate) to create illustrations, calligraphy, and other design elements for projects. I’m skilled in photography and photo editing, videography, and marketing/social media marketing. Within the broad world of graphic design, typography is where I shine.

I'm honored and humbled that my job allows me to create all sorts of unique visual aids for an ever-growing amount of inspiring businesses, brands & storytellers. 

In addition to my graphic design education from Kendall College of Art and Design, my design expertise has transpired from over 10 years of solid experience, filled with plethoras of exciting projects. I've gotten to create the branding for new businesses and brands as well as fresh, updated branding for existing brands. I've designed cookbooks, countless wedding and other event invitations, restaurant menus, event flyers and tri-folds for schools and businesses, informative infographics for social media posts, board game conceptualization and design as well as board game instruction booklets, band posters and merchandise, and more. No matter what business, brand, band, or individual design project is needed - i'm eager to hear all about it. Let's get your project started!


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